Hadoop Installation – Data Node is not running problem

In this blog, I would like to list out points to try while facing problem of datanode not running in Hadoop cluster environment.

Basic things to checklist:

  • Check for permission of files and folders.
  • User and User group are properly assigned
  • Check basic space requirement

Advanced Checklist:

  • Stop all services
    bin/stop-yarn.sh bin/stop-dfs.sh
  • Delete Hadoop Temp directory (hadoop.tmp.dir) as configured in core-site.xml
    rm -Rf /home/hduser/tmp/*
  • Format the name node
    hadoop namenode -format
  • Start hadoop Services
    bin/start-dfs.sh bin/start-yarn.sh
    If you still struggle to get datanode running, follow these
  • Manually, start data node and check for errors
    bin/hadoop datanode
  • By this point, you will get detailed error logs which you can solve depending upon the situation.

Do let me know if you find something else, I will update in the list so others can be benefited from this blog.

Happy Learning!

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